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Our misson

Commwea, short for Commonwealth, is what we believe will grow to become the digital evolution of commerce within the Commonwealth of Nations. Our mission is to constantly embody the principles of liberalism and free trade, along with our deep understanding of the Blockchain and what it represents, to pioneer a new wave of e-commerce. Simply put, we love living in a world that is vibrant and connected, not just socially but economically.

Our reason

Our why is curiosity. We are curious to find out what will happen when the barriers between entrepreneurs and the capital they need are broken down. We are curious to find out what will happen when the trust between the unbanked and financial backers is built up. We are curious to find out what our global community can become if we continue to have faith in the individual. And not just faith in the form of encouragement, but of trust and tools.

Our commitment

We are committed to setting the stand for trust and transparency in the world of e-commerce. Customers deserve a fair price and Sellers should be able to enter a marketplace, knowing the odds are in their favour. You see what we see. Act like a corporate, think like a start-up. That’s our mantra. Keeping corporate social responsibility an integral part of our culture, fused with the proven innovative approach of the greatest start-ups is not a strategy for us, but a commitment.

Our Style

Our style is simple. If it’s not game changing, then its game over. Commwea could survive without the Blockchain, but would we really be Commwea if we weren’t pioneering the future of trust and transparency? The answer is: no. We started Commwea without reading the manual. Only with a vision to thrive, by providing a marketplace for others to thrive with us.